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Brand Voice Report

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5 adjectives fit your brand voice.

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Read more about each below.

Your brand archetype.


The Creator

As one would imagine, the Creator is imaginative, artistic and visionary. Companies that harness this archetype help their clients use their imaginations, and are often marketing products to kids. The Creator is also about leaving a lasting legacy of beauty or meaning.

About archetypes.

Brand archetypes are subjects woven deep into our subconsious. Something about them just feels right, so they’re powerful tools for connecting with people, or telling any kind of story. (You may even recognize your brand archetype from your favorite movie.)

Your adjectives.

👩‍🚀 Bold

Fearless and daring; courageous.

brave, gutsy, gritty

“Freedom lies in being bold.”

—Robert Frost

🎨 Creative

Characterized by originality and expressiveness; imaginative.

constructive, inventive, ingenious

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.”

—Kurt Vonnegut

⚜️ Sleek

Elegant in design.

smooth, effortless, polished

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

—Clare Boothe Luce

💡 Innovative

Something like nothing done or experienced or created before.

groundbreaking, advanced, modern

“When the wind of change blows, some people build walls, others build windmills.”

—Chinese Proverb

🛋 Modern

Of or relating to recent times or the present.

current day, contemporary, up to date

“The beginning is always today.”

—Mary Shelley

Examples of what to do with this information.

Use it as your communication efforts’ north star 💫

  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Culture
  • Customer Experience
  • Marketing

🤳 Social Media

Audit your current social media profile(s). Ask yourself these questions:

Does my page look the part?

Does my page’s color scheme and visual approach fit my brand voice?

Does it instantly resonate?

Would someone visiting my page instantly “get” my brand voice?

Is my story strong?

Are my posts telling a story that supports my brand voice?

How can I engage?

How can I engage more with people with my brand voice in mind through comments, story replies, etc?

Does my overall strategy fit my brand voice?

For example, if my brand voice is adorable but I think every post needs to be in a “professional” voice, I’m working backwards.

What kind of ideas can I work with?

What kind of images, colors, and words can I use to express my brand voice?

🖥 Website

Audit your current social media profile(s). Ask yourself these questions:

Is it easy to "get"?

Does my homepage show my brand’s personality in an instant? If not, how can it?

Can I use brand-specific phrasing anywhere?

For example, if you have a Pinterest content creation service, don’t just call it Pinterest Content Creation Service—weave your voice into it, e.g. for a glamorous brand voice, call it The Pinterest Makeover.

Is there anything unique I can offer?

Are there resources (such as interactive calculators or workbooks) or product features or deals that only I with my unique voice & values, could offer that my competitors couldn’t?

Am I communicating in more than words?

Would a visitor “get” my brand voice if they actually didn’t read a single word on my site? (Through visuals and other elements.)

What am I shooting for?

What would be the most perfect visual approach for my brand voice, without worrying about logistics? Maybe hiring the ideal designer isn’t feasible now, but at least you know what you’re aiming for.

What are other websites doing?

What are websites with a voice similar to you doing that's noteable?

🕴 Culture

Audit your current social media profile(s). Ask yourself these questions:

How's my reputation?

Am I approachable in a way that fits with our brand voice?

What are things I do without thinking?

Are there any habits I have that are especially good for or counterproductive to my brand voice?

What internal first impression do I have?

Does the first-day experience for a new employee fit my brand voice?

How can I show my team how to use my voice?

How can I make sure everyone understands what my brand voice, and knows how to express it?

How do I keep growing in an authentic way?

How can I attract employees with values similar to mine?

What's different about me?

How does my voice make my employees' experiences different from competitors' experiences?

🙋 Customer Experience

Audit your current social media profile(s). Ask yourself these questions:

Is your email signature set up to make a good impression?

It’s like a digital business card.

Do your contact methods reflect your brand voice?

For example, if I’m hard to get ahold of, yet my brand voice is casual, that’s some dissonance to address.

Do I handle snafus in a way appropriate to my brand voice?

Or is my customer left out in the ocean without a lifevest, so to speak?

Did your customer service representatives get the memo about your brand voice?

Although they’re not on the marketing or design team, they are an important part of your customers’ experience.

What is the client offboarding experience?

Do my unsubscribe page and account cancelation process reflect my brand voice? They may be gone but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t refer or even come back one day.

Does the design of my forms and docs scream my brand voice?

Even if I cover up my logo, because my brand is bigger than my logo.

📣 Marketing

Audit your current social media profile(s). Ask yourself these questions:

Where do we get most of our customers from?

Does this channel & strategy reflect my brand values?

Do we empower our customers to spread the word?

Through my visuals, copy (text), and so on, do customers have the vocabulary to accurately recommend me to a friend?

Are my ads appealing to people with similar personalities to mine?

People like people like them, so my light needs to shine bright.

Is my email newsletter voice the same as my brand voice?

Do the customers who have shown they like, know, and/or trust me get as good a message as my potential customers?

Is there a way I can reward loyal customers?

In a way that expresses my brand voice and values.

How’s my blog doing?

Is it helping my audience while showing my brand personality?

That’s all! 👏

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