Is the Brand Voice Quiz right for you?

Thousands of solopreneurs and businesses have asked that very same question and the worst that ever happened was that a guy named Greg said, “I was looking for at least one surprise.”

We revamped the quiz and its reports in the second quarter of 2021 and are hoping to have Greg back for a second opinion. Let us know how you go @howtobrandyou

You’re probably in the right place if:

You’re on a branding or rebranding mission and you need to jump-start a blank page or cure a case of writer’s block to get it out of the gate.

You have an idea but no brand and you want to make sure that whatever you create speaks to your values.

You’re struggling to tell a product or service story because you can’t seem to frame it a way that’s both as unique as you are, and different from all the other widgets and wizards.

You need a set of brand voice standards to create consistency across all the content you create and curate.

You’re considering hiring a brand designer, copywriter or branding agency and want to give them a good look under the hood to save yourself some time and money.

You’ve discovered a disconnect between what you’re saying and what your clients are hearing.

You’ve heard about archetypes and the hero’s journey and want to explore how those two timeless concepts apply to your brand.

What the Brand Voice Quiz won’t do (and what it hopefully will do)

Neither the free nor the expanded quiz report is going to tell you what to do or how to do it.

We’re here to help you reframe what you already know: to help you speak more authentically and creatively about who you are, and to help you find worthwhile words in unexpected places to rekindle your passion for telling your brand’s story.

Look inwords.

Ready to give it a try?