If branding is the magic that connects you to your audience, your Brand Voice is the wire that ties it all together.

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Why? 🤔

Your brand’s voice embodies and expresses your personality and values. It’s an expression of the humanity behind the brand; it’s an essential step in the process of your becoming a relatable brand. One wonderful thing about clarifying your unique brand identity is that no one else can fake it. Finding your brand’s voice is a journey. We’re here to help.

While it can be witty, fun or authoritative, “Brand You” needs to be one mission-critical thing: authentic. Your audience can tell if your voice is genuine, and they will be more likely to become your biggest champions if they can connect to your brand on an emotional level. Whether you’re just starting out or reconnecting with your roots, your quiz will help you to find and craft that happy place.

How It Works


Brand Voice Adjectives

With a brand adjectives list 144 words strong, we help you quickly whittle down those descriptive terms until you have the perfect collection for your brand.


Our data is based on Jungian archetypes — the foundation to stories that have been part of our collective subconscious for generations.


Action Steps

Jerry, the name we gave to the Brand Voice Algorithm, will crunch your input, present you with your predominant archetype and give you actionable steps as well as deeper thinking to support you on your brand voice journey.

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