Branding is not just design.
Branding is how people feel about you.

That’s why we created this brand voice quiz—to help you connect authentically with your ideal audience. Start by entering your company name below.

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Why? 🤔

Your brand’s voice embodies and expresses its personality and set of values; it’s an expression of the people behind the brand; it’s an essential step in the process of a company becoming an established brand. What’s great about finding your unique brand identity is that nobody else can fake it. For many of us, finding our brand’s voice can be difficult.
While it can be witty, fun or authoritative, it needs to be one very important thing: authentic. Your audience can tell if your voice isn’t genuine, and they will be unlikely to buy your products if they can’t connect to your brand on an emotional level. Whether you’re just starting out or refreshing your image, our quiz helps you engage your audience.

How It Works


Brand adjectives

With a brand adjectives list 144 words strong, we help you quickly whittle down these descriptive words till you have the perfect ones for your brand.


Jungian archetypes

Our data is based on Jungian archetypes—that is to say, stories woven deep into our collective subconscious and often used in novels and movies.


Sure direction

After the quiz, you’ll see actionable tips for how to infuse every one of your brand’s touchpoints, including social media, with your voice’s newly found north star.



Full reports are $15 to unlock, but we have a free report too. Start with a free report then upgrade if you need more.

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